3PL Road Freight

Every company has its trucking requirements depending on the business they are into. Similarly there are number of companies in Pakistan that you can choose from, but itís highly likely possible that you are looking for someone that can meet or exceed your expectations.

We do not consider ourselves as innovators or technology leaders but over the 42 years of our commercial existence we have gained from strength to strength. We understand the operational nuts and bolts and pride ourselves in understanding the pain points of customers.

At MSL, we understand the flexibility in transportation has always been a major concern for all the customers and to fill this gap and to respond to your unexpected changes in the schedules or additional requirements of the trucks,
    1. We have dedicated pool of transporters having different sizes of trucks to cater all such needs so you can meet your deadlines

    2. MSL trucking operations are fully managed by our in-house developed Transport Management System which enables us in improving productivity and eliminate inefficiencies. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting to the customers based on the requirements.

    3. We continuously search for ways to cut costs and add value to the logistics operations by route optimization and service excellence. The elimination of empty miles has always been our priority to benefit both the trucker and our customer.

    4. We offer continuous tracking of vehicles from point of loading to point of delivery by our dedicated team to give customers more visibility on the truck loads. Automated notices, or even real-time delivery notifications by e-mail and SMS.

    5. We understand the fact that due to tightening capacity and rising demand of trucks the trucking charges has been very volatile. We can offer long term contract to the customers to save them with the hassle of day to day rate negotiations.

End of the day we want our customer to sit back and relax and let us be your partner in trucking as you deserve to have one source, one solution partner.

MSL Your One Source, One Solution Partner.

Let us be your partner in trucking, make a call now or drop in the mail for a quick quote.



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