Rail Freight

As the road congestion increases, greater attention will be given to the sustainable transport modes. In the time to come, Rail freight will become a key part of the logistics chain with customerís having huge volumes will be looking for alternatives to road transport.

Rail freight has traditionally been associated with the carriage of heavy materials. It still does play a key role in transporting such goods. However, now rail freight is changing the way we use to do the business before. Moving forward, it will significantly participate in the carriage of consumer goods of lighter weight breaks.

We are offering Intermodal transportation service, this means that freight will move by more than one mode of transportation, offering door to door service to customers by rail freight.
What MSL has to Offer

It will be truck-rail-truck. Our freight service is very similar to the road truckload services. Your container will be picked from the port by truck, delivered to the train terminal. From Karachi to Lahore, the container will travel by train. Upon reaching at Lahore train terminal, another truck will deliver the container to your door step for unloading of the cargo. Upon unloading container will be returned back to Karachi by train for onward delivery at the respective terminal.
Few of the silent features of MSL Freight Train are:
    1- Tentative 2 trains in a week
    2- Availability of long term rate contract.
    3- Pick-up and delivery updates, automated notices or even real time delivery notifications by email & SMS.
    4- One window solution (Freight train & on road transportation)
    5- Marine Group-Reliability
    6- Efficiency
    7- Customized and customer-centered solutions
Like any other companies, you can also take advantage of the benefits that rail freight can bring to your business.

We have the following advantages to offer our customers for cargo moving through rail freight

    1- We can mitigate the impact of fuel price uncertainty.
    2- We are building resilience into supply chain by increasing the frequency of trains per day.
    3- We offer improved delivery reliability.
    4- We can help keep goods secure from theft and damage.
End of the day we want our customer to sit back and relax and let us be your partner in rail freight as you deserve to have one source, one solution partner.

MSL Your One Source, One Solution Partner.

Let us be your partner in train freight, make a call now or drop in the mail for a quick quote.


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